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 Current Legislative Update

Louisiana's 2023 Regular Legislative Session 

The 2023 Louisiana Legislative Session will convene April 10, 2023  -  Thursday, June 8, 2023. In order to prepare, the LOTA Legislative Committee plans to hold a meeting March 22nd to review bills filed that may impact our profession. We will also be determining our next actions to push our personal bills through the chambers. As reported in our previous newsletter, LOTA is pleased to announce that we will be pushing a bill to join the nationwide OT Compact, as well as a bill to ensure equal payment of telehealth services compared to in-person services.

The Legislative Committee is a volunteer group. We are full time practitioners and parents with many roles, just like you. We will need subject matter experts who can help provide supporting evidence and help answer questions as issues arise during the legislative process. Specifically, we are looking for practitioners with multiple state licenses and/or practitioners providing telehealth services. However, if you know of new changes that are impacting your professional setting, we need to hear from you! Please reach out before March 22nd so that we can hear your concerns and discuss them at our next committee meeting. 

Sam Francioni MS, LOTR samanthamermigas@gmail.com 


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