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 Board of Directors

Those on our board of directors have been either elected by our members or appointed by our president. They serve, as volunteers, to advocate for the benefit of all OTs and COTAs practicing in Louisiana as well as to promote best practice for those who receive/warrant OT services in our state.


 President  Jennifer Hluchy, MS, LOTR
 Vice President  Elise Kelone, MOT, LOTR, CAPS
 Treasurer  Regine Dade, MBA, LOTR
 AOTA RA Representative Jonann Arrant, MOT, LOTR  

District Chairs:

 Northwest Melissa Wilkerson, LOTR

Christie Raymond, DrOT, LOTR

 Central  Christie Raymond, DrOT, LOTR

 Ashley Bertrand


 Melissa Kramarich, LOTR, CLT


 co-chair: Rachel Stelly, LOTR, C/NDT


 co-chair: Bailey Berrigan, MOT, LOTR

 co-chair: Shannon Richard, MOT, LOTR

 Bayou Region

 Amy Shows, LOTR


*See a breakdown of LOTA Districts here

Council Chairs:


 co-chair: Judith C. Vestal, PhD, LOTR

 co-chair: Shannon Mangum, MPS, LOTR

Standards & Practice  Danielle Keyser, MOT, LOTR, GTC 
 Legislative  Samantha Francioni, MOT, LOTR
 Education  Barbara Johnson, OTD, LOTR

Social Media

Gabby Scioneaux, COTA/L 

 Christie Raymond, DrOT, LOTR

 Nominations  Tiffany Twickler, MOT, LOTR

Not listed are multiple committee members who also volunteer their services and are vital to this team.



(225) 291-2806

LOTA, PO Box 14806

Baton Rouge, LA 70898

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